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What is the role of a Personal Trainer? Why do I need one?

The role of a Personal Trainer is to teach you how to exercise and eat properly to get the best result for your goals and to minimize injury. Also, to motivate you and keep you motivated. While you can motivate yourself, most people find it hard to keep themselves motivated. Over time, this leads to the results minimizing and the person quitting, which leads them back to their starting point or worse, while thinking nothing will work for them. Studies show that when you have someone to motivate you and keep you accountable and on track, you will see greater results.

Why would I want to choose your online training app?

You would want to do my online training because I have specifically set it up to make it as close to my 1-on-1 personal training as possible. You will have unlimited message access to me where I can answer every question that you have and help you along your workout/diet journey. My app workouts are designed to help you reach your goals, no matter what level of training you are at. I constantly monitor and adjust your workouts as needed, along with your daily feedback. My online training app provides everything you need including video & photo exercise demonstrations, exercise directions, a timer, food journal, and much more. The workouts will constantly challenge you. You will always have my personal attention and that personal touch that you just don't get from other workout apps. While being trained 1-on-1 is obviously the best situation, my online training app comes as close to my being there as possible. This allows me to work with you and help you no matter where you live. All at a fraction of the cost of being trained at a gym by an in-house perosnal trainer! Distance, cost and access to a personal trainer is no longer a boundary.

If I don't understand an exercise or have another question, can I message you to get further instructions?

Yes, of course! Although the demonstrations with each exercise are very easy to follow, I know questions still come up. I am available throughout the day and will answer any questions that you have in a quick and timely manner.

How will I learn the exercises?

When you are logged in, you will view all the exercises and your workout schedule and workout for the day via the workout calendar. You will see videos and photos that will show you the proper movements, along with step- by- step instructions and my personal notes on any modifications, plus reps, sets, duration, etc.

How long does each workout last?

It all depends on your level, goals and needs. Depending on which program you are doing, workouts will last anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour. (this includes cardio, warmups & cooldowns). Beginner programs are shorter in the first month but increase in duration as your fitness level improves.

Should I buy equipment?

It depends on the workout program you are interested in and whether or not it is a Gym workout or a Home workout program. Each workout program has its own equipment requirements so make sure to check out what is needed by the workout program you are interested in doing.

How soon will it be before I begin to see results?

Results vary depending on a person's metabolism, stress levels, ability to get a good night's sleep, honest dedication to the program (exercises & cardio) and the person's attention and dedication to their diet. With that said, the average person can begin to see and feel noticeable results at about the end of the 2 week mark. You may notice a reshaping of your body and your clothes fitting differently. You may also see pounds drop or add depending on your goals (depending on whether you are trying to gain muscle or lose fat). A healthy weight loss is about 2 pounds per week. Although that may not sound like much, that comes out to 8 pounds a month! In 3 months that can be up to a 24 pound shft! On average, you can expect around that or more, depending on your dedication to the program and your diet. Even if the scale is not changing much, the scale doesn't tell the entire story as your clothes and the mirror (not to mention the comments you'll begin getting from those around you) will tell a very different story as you'll be losing/gaining inches. You can expect the results to really start kicking in around the second month and you can expect to see big results around three months into your workout regimen. Of course the longer the dedication and commitment you show, the greater the results. You will keep track of your progress in the app, via a weekly measurements tracker and monthly photo updates.

What is the difference between your online plans?

I have various online plans to meet different people's fitness levels and goals. There are plans for beginners, home trainees, advanced trainees and there is even a workout for Seniors. There is also a Specialized Booty Boot Camp! Make sure you sign up for the one most appropriate to your fitness level and goals.

I want to gain muscle and lose weight. I want to get big and strong but I don't want to get too big!

Gaining muscle and losing weight are two different goals requiring different approaches so this becomes rather tricky. Gaining muscle actually helps the body to lose weight more efficiently as muscle needs more energy to maintain itself. What that means is that the more muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn while at rest. As for getting too big, the average person will see nice muscle gains but won't get too big. Athletes, powerlifters and bodybuilders get big because of the way they train, eat and supplement themselves. They train very hard and eat big, especially protein. Not to mention, they take supplements (which gets expensive) and some also take chemical enhancements such as steroids (which I don't condone or recommend for anyone). Keep in mind that the athletes, powerlifters and bodybuilders you see on TV and in magazines are also sponsored which allows them the luxury and freedom of working out as their job and that goes a long way to their being the best they can be.

I'm older and have never really worked out before, will this be too strenuous for me to do?

I highly recommend you do the Senior Workout program. Exercise and beginning a fitness regimen is good for you and your body. It's never too late to begin to improve your health via exercise and nutrition. The Senior Workout Program takes you progressively from stage to stage and was designed with a heavy emphasis on stretching, leg/hip strength and light workouts to gradually make you a stronger, more flexible and healthier you. For the average person, the workouts will not be too strenuous and you will progress at a good healthy pace towards your goals. I will assess your beginning fitness and health levels with assessment forms and questions and then continually monitor and adjust your workouts.

I have a health issue, can I still workout safely?

There are those for which exercise can pose a health risk. If you have or are being treated for health problems such as high blood pressure; diabetes; asthma; a heart condition; bone disease; muscle disease; recently broke a bone or tore a muscle; recently had surgery; recently gave birth; have back, neck or spine issues; or any other reason that may physically interfere with you being able to workout properly then I advise you to consult a doctor before entering into this or any workout program. Once you have gotten a go ahead from a doctor, I would suggest starting with the Senior program which works as good rehab/introduction for your body to get back to being more active. You will give a heath history via the assessment forms I provide and that will let me know where you are at physically and of course I will be monitoring your workouts and make any needed adjustments or modifications.