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Hi! Thank you for visiting my site. That you have taken the step to find out more about my online training app tells me that you are willing and ready to make a positive change with your body, your health and your fitness level. It all begins with that all important first step! I know it's a bit overwhelming and maybe even a bit scary to take that first step when its easier to not do anything but consider you taking this step to visit my site as your first successful step!

My name is Mario. I am an AFTA certified personal trainer and have over 30 years experience in weight training, fitness, martial arts and nutrition. I have trained people of all ages on both an informal and formal basis and love helping people to achieve their goals. I take great pride in seeing my clients' satisfaction when they see their bodies transforming and achieving results they didn't think was possible. It's a wonderful feeling to see my clients' self-esteem and confidence grow as a result of our working together.

I would love the opportunity to help YOU achieve the body you want to have. It doesn't matter if you're male, female, young, old or in between - it's never too late to try to improve your body and fitness level. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, tone up, a combination of all that or you just want to improve your overall health and fitness, I am here ready to help you get there!

One of the reasons people have unsuccessful results is because they lose interest and quit trying. They grow frustrated and confused as to why they are not getting results quickly and / or there is no one there to support them and give them positive reinforcement as to the results that they are getting. Having a personal trainer helps to answer those issues. Having a personal trainer helps to stop a lot of the frustration and confusion because you have someone who can answer your questions and keep you focused on your goals. Having a personal trainer also gives you someone in your corner to push you and motivate you and to help you see that you are getting results. Should you choose me to be your personal online trainer via my app, I will be that and more... I will be your biggest supporter, cheerleader and motivator. In return I ask for your 100% commitment to work hard. You can do that, right? I know you can!!

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