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Do you hate traveling to and from a gym, especially when you're tired after a good workout or a long day at work? Do you worry about the cleanliness issues of a commercial gym? Not to mention the cost. Don't know what to do or where to start? Too embarrassed or shy to go to a gym? I'm not here to judge you, I'm here to help you. My online training app's Home Workout is designed to be done in the convenience of your home. No more dealing with gyms, people or traffic! Now, you can do your workout in your home and hop straight into your own shower right after. No fuss, no issues. Convenience can be yours!

Have gym membership? You like to workout on a variety of equipment? I have gym workout programs for you too!

All workout programs are designed by me to meet your fitness level & goals. I constantly monitor and adjust your workouts and food journal to help you achieve your goals. To get a better understanding of your fitness and strength level, eating habits, stress levels, past exercise & dieting history, etc. I will ask you an initial series of assessment questions to assess where you are at and try to figure out previous or current sticking points to your goals. This helps me to understand your needs to help you get the best results to meet your goals.

I provide 2 main services:

Online training via Workout Programs on the app: This is for clients world-wide who want a challenging and effective workout program and to be able to have access to a personal trainer for the fraction of the cost of a gym trainer. This is good for clients that travel; that have unusual working hours or free time; can't afford 1-on-1 personal training; and that can motivate themselves. I try to make the online experience as close to my 1-on-1 personal training as possible so it doesn't matter if you live in Florida or Japan, I can still train you effectively and very personally! You will have access to a complete online workout program and schedule, with videos, photos and specific directions that will help guide you to do the exercises correctly. You can input what you were able to complete and this will let me be able to constantly adjust your program as we go along. Your feedback is of utmost importance and we will be working together to help you reach your goals. All interaction with the online training is done through the app, via unlimited and constant message support. I am online throughout the day and will be available to be in daily contact with you to address any questions you may have. You will never feel alone or not have me to answer your questions.

Daily Diet Guidance: Based on your goals, I will evaluate and help you fix problem spots in your diet, as I teach you what diet mistakes you are making. In conjunction with my online training, this will accelerate your results. Based on your goals and weight / caloric needs, I combine it with a daily food journal that you may keep (via an online food journal tool provided within the program) - this allows me to do a comprehensive analysis of your diet and to monitor and inform you of adjustments you can make to your diet and to also educate you on how to eat better to reach your goals.